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The best service money can buy…for free.

We personalize our service to custom fit our clients’ desires, and never the other way around. “Just realtors” don’t actually define our service; we are a combination or Estate Agents, Consulters and Concierge. Our services are utterly different from any normal standard real estate… we do it differently.

Firstly, if the Client doesn’t know Portugal, we suggest a few areas for the client to visit when he arrives where he can then provide us with specific details from what type of Property he desires and what is the purpose of the acquisition (to live, retirement, investment or rental purposes). Based on this information we can also suggest which area would be most adequate according to the clients’ interest. And from this point, that’s when we start our property search together.

I found that clients, who have never visited Portugal before, have to familiarize themselves with the country before actually viewing houses. After the location is chosen, our clients are able to make a decision on an acquisition based on how the areas visited fit their needs and personal requirements. This is what we consider to be the most sensible way when considering on moving to another country. The client must feel confident on someone who knows the country and understands the client’s wishes and according to this will sort out their predetermined requirements so that they can decide if this is where they want to live for the next years.

What do we offer different:

. We arrange for your accommodation during your stay
. A Staff member will receive you in the airport and check you in
. We will handle a personalized tour of all the land marks you wish to visit
. According to your interests we will demonstrate a selection of pre-determined areas for house searching
. Pre-selecting and visiting Properties
. Opening accounts and arranging Portuguese fiscal number
. Opening bank account (where the language needed is fluently spoken)
. Arranging independent Lawyer for counseling or legal representation
. Arranging down payment contracts
. Arranging back loan (If required)
. Arranging meetings with accountants in case the client benefits from any special exemption
. Act as interpreter in any situation needed
. Finalizing the deed
. Arranging water meters, electricity, gas, internet etc.
. Property management (if required)

Our services are 100% personalized to fit every single one of our clients’ needs, so you choose exactly which services you need or require.