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The área

The Silver Coast, approximately 60 km north of Lisbon is a green and pleasant land where orchards and pine forests meet wild flower cliff tops, falling away to silvery beaches and the wide Atlantic Ocean below.

This is the real Portugal, far removed from the hustle, bustle and commercialization of the Algarve. There is a modest spread of European nationalities who have already found this hidden treasure and the integration with the local Portuguese is creating a great environment. The people are friendly and English is widely spoken, so that you can get by with or without learning Portuguese, depending on your inclination. However, a few words in the local language are always well received.

Whether you are thinking of buying a holiday home or retiring abroad, this is the ideal spot.
The climate is slightly cooler than the searing heat of the Algarve in summer and being just a little further north, the area is much greener. You will be relaxing outdoors in T-shirts from March through to October/November.

Numerous beaches, whether they be lagoon or sea, each with their own unique character, make this a paradise holiday location for your children and grandchildren, whether they are old enough to surf and sail or young enough to just paddle, dig in the sand and explore the shoreline. For the grownups, the area is full of history and places to discover, natural parks and of course, golf. There are numerous established courses in the region and several others under construction.