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Project Management

In many cases the clients need changes in their property but cannot be in site every day to our clients we can gather quotes, coordinate and supervise any building work, we act as supervisors “representing the owners” in case they cannot oversee the work themselves, we work with workers that are specific for any task required to ensure that the work is done as speedy and with the highest quality as possible, one of the issues with Portuguese skilled labors it’s that many times we find painters doing brick work or tiling and vice versa, the problem with this kind of work is that you cannot be 100% sure if the work is well done and if it done properly many times looking good doesn’t mean that the work was well done, then becomes the warranty issue, if we ask a painter to do a electrician work he will probably do it (given the economical clime every workers is becoming each day more multitasked but that’s not simonies of quality) but wend a problem exist he cannot provide a warranty for he’s work.

Our work falls in the category of a project manager, but with a lower cost, because we work with hundreds of different people we can provide discounts in some cases of 40% given our contact list in our area we provide that discount in full to our clients.

What do we do for you?

We gather quotes from different workers.

We analyze and translate the quotes.

We have a meeting with our clients to specify and explain in detail the pros and cons of the quotes.

We elaborate a contracting contract to specify work payments and conditions.

We supervise the work from beginning to end.

We will update weekly by email with a written report as well as pictures of the progress.

We will do videoconferences trough Skype (by experience 5m in videoconference saves many written emails).

If it’s needed to choose any material (tiles, kitchens, paint, pool ect) we will gather several samples as your requirements email them and acquired the material in your behalf as you have instructed

We will control and do the payments in your behalf that are specified in the contract.

We will also make sure that the time frame in the contract is respected (delays are 90% common in Portugal)

We will make sure that after the works all is cleaned and in perfect working condition.

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