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Property Management

So i have Brought a property and now?

Often when a property is bought and the owners leave after the first vacation, a question emerges “How can I manage and maintain my home and make sure everything is safe and working well when I’m not there?”

Our company will act as Property Managers when the owners are not living in Portugal permanently, or do not speak the language fluently enough to resolve day by day issues.

We provide personalized services and our goal is to make vacationing or living in Portugal a great experience.

Our services include but not limited to:

1- Safekeeping keys and property visit.
2- Cleaning - Laundry Services
3- Equipment maintenance
4- Gardening Service - Pool Maintenance
5- Postal pickup and Resending - Paying Bills
6- Concierge
7- Plumbing, Electrician Services
8- Renting - Schedule Renting Management
9- Meet and greet - Airport Transfers
10- Welcome Packs

We can be assured of excellent and professional advice.

We are fluent in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese and we are on hand to give you help and advice with any issues relating to your home.